Diclazepam bluelight

Diclazepam, clonazolam, flubromazelam are three new designer benzodiazepines drugs that have the five classic benzo properties — they are sedative, hypnotic, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant.

To translate into normal speak: Benzos will make you chill, take a nap, stop worrying, loosen up, and — if you happen to be seizing — end your seizure.

All of these new drugs were made by clandestine chemists thumbing through old chemistry journals or haphazardly modifying old drugs. Despite being structurally similar to known drugs, none of these have been properly tested for safety or efficacy in humans. No one has tested whether or not the powder or pellets you buy online are what they say they are.


Benzos are highly addictive and dangerous downers. They do things like slow down your bodily functions — things like lowering your heart rate, making breathing more shallow — which is why their overdoses usually involve an important bodily function-stopping. Phenazepam, perhaps the first RC benzo, has a body count. Diclazepam Ro is an analogue of Valium diazepam with a chlorine stuck on it.

It takes a while to build up, half an hour to an hour before you feel a profound sense of relaxation. Beware the urge to redose. Clonazolam is Klonopin clonazepam with a triazole ring jammed on the top. The triazoling certainly gave it more punch over its brother, clonazepam. However tolerance reportedly rises very fast. Flubromazolam not flubromazepam is another very potent new benzo.

It is even more potent than diclazepam, with starting doses at ug or a quarter of a milligram. It is very sedating, takes sometimes an hour to come up, good at wiping your memory, and seems to last quite a while.

Each dose costs the equivalent of a dollar, and feels like smashing into your brain. This is very likely the next phenazepam-esque benzo disaster. I only have enough so much liver here, people! Meanwhile, they are hurriedly jamming functional groups hither and tither onto other drugs. In my literature search, the few things I could find were daring scientists eating the drugs themselves, and then testing their own piss.

I need to work at these labs. Photo: Hans Splinter. Previous Post Next Post Diclazepam, clonazolam, flubromazelam are three new designer benzodiazepines drugs that have the five classic benzo properties — they are sedative, hypnotic, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant.

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Guide to Diclazepam: Dosage, Half-Life, and Abuse Potential

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PostNL Airmail Service. UPS post code check. Department Support team. Submit Ticket.Laguna and it's world class treatment team have an amazing reputation of providing high quality care to individuals struggling with addiction. New psychoactive substances NPSs are chemicals sold as recreational drugs under names like research chemicals or legal highs.

In many instances, the chemicals making up these unpredictable and potent drugs were researched decades ago when pharmaceutical companies sought new treatments for chronic pain, seizure disorders, or mental illnesses.

However, after some initial research, the chemicals were not moved to testing, production, and prescription; instead, the formulas were stored in databases, which were moved online and have now been mined for information on potentially intoxicating drugs.

Some of the most infamous substances to come out of the explosion of NPSsusually sold online, include bath salts a synthetic cathinone, chemically similar to cocaineSpice a synthetic cannabinoid, somewhat like marijuanaand various new synthetics based on fentanyl an opioid times more potent than morphine.

Another dangerous and increasingly popular category of NPSs is designer benzodiazepines. Online retailers began offering clandestine, dangerous, and untested benzodiazepines in with some of the most popular being clonazolamdeschloroetizolam, flubromazolam, and meclonazepam.

A newer designer benzodiazepine available for purchase online is diclazepam. By the end of that year, there were only two reports involving this drug. However, as other designer benzodiazepines become harder to find, either due to demand or changes in legal status, diclazepam may become more popular.

As it breaks down, it becomes other benzodiazepine drugs, which perhaps makes it continuously potent.

diclazepam bluelight

Delorazepam, lorazepam, and lormetazepam can all be detected in urine samples for up to 11 days after just 1 milligram of diclazepam has been ingested. It is chemically similar to diazepam, most popular under the brand name Valium ; however, diclazepam is about 10 times more potent than Valium, so it produces amnesia and sedation as its two main effects.

The illicit drug also relaxes muscles, slows neuron firing, lowers inhibitions, and stops panic attacks. Since diclazepam is based on diazepam, it is also a long-acting benzodiazepine; it takes a little while to become active, but once it is bioavailable, the effects remain for days.

This can cause serious side effects, leading to hospitalization. Medical professionals understand that even small doses of prescription benzodiazepines can be addictive. The body develops a tolerance to these drugs within two weeks, so one may take more than prescribed to get the original effects of the drug.

People who struggle with anxiety or insomnia may continue taking these drugs because withdrawal symptoms mimic the underlying mental condition, so it can be very uncomfortable to stop without medical supervision. Often, people who abuse stimulants, hallucinogens, opioids, or alcohol will add benzodiazepines to ease the psychotic and physically tense side effects of these drugs or to increase the potency of the sedative and intoxicating effects.

With designer benzodiazepines like diclazepam, the drugs can be ordered online and self-administered to moderate other, primary drugs of abuse, without any medical supervision, in a dangerous cycle of polydrug addiction. This can quickly cause an overdose or trigger psychiatric symptoms.

Many people who abuse multiple drugs, especially mixing one or two drugs with any benzodiazepine, will die from an overdose. Diclazepam is most often found as a liquid solution, but it may be sold as a powder, tablet, blotter paper, or pellet. While it reportedly has a low risk of overdose relative to the recommended amount which is nonmedical because it has not been approved for any legal usemixing the drug with alcohol, opioids, or other sedatives will generally lead to an overdose.

It is also extremely addictive. Unlike many other benzodiazepines, diclazepam can lead to physical tolerance and dependence within a mere three or four days. Prescription benzodiazepines require two weeks of continuous use for the body to become tolerant to the drug, and other designer benzodiazepines require a week of continuous abuse. Benzodiazepines cause similar side effects in the body and mind because they all act on the gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA receptors in the brain.

However, more potent benzodiazepines like diclazepam will cause stronger reactions, especially when too much is taken at once or the drug is abused for a long period of time. Physical effects from diclazepam include :. With so little medical research into diclazepam, it is hard to know what the long-term health risks will be.

Aside from addiction and overdose, very little is understood about this designer drug. If long-term abuse of other benzodiazepines is any indication, diclazepam is likely to cause serious brain damage.

In addition to addiction and dependence, sustained abuse of the drug could trigger a mood disorder, lead to amnesia and memory damage, and permanently alter the ability to think and learn. Quitting any benzodiazepine cold turkey is dangerous. These drugs decrease firing between neurons, so when the brain does not have a benzodiazepine present, neurons fire rapidly.

This causes intense anxiety, panic attacks, loss of sleep, and seizures.Am I correct? I was started on clonazepam 40 years ago for my panic attacks, when I thought I was going to die any minute, took 0. And no, 0. And the abuse potential for diazepam is very high compared to the clonazepam. I have used both Clonazepam and Diazepam as well, and find Diazepam to be much more effective long-term than Clonazepam for ME since my medical issues were more related to bouts of extreme anxiety rather than the occasional panic attacks I experienced.

Clonazepam admittedly is more potent than Diazepam, as well as having a more immediate effect. That being said, for my anxiety Diazepam worked much better since it worked for a longer period of time. When I used Diazepam, my anxiety was relieved within a half hour and I was able to maintain calm for several hours.

However, when I used Clonazepam for the same issue, my symptoms returned much more quickly even though I received relief immediately. Clonazepam was especially effective for my panic attacks, but even though it was stronger I found that I did not get the same type of relief when I used it for my more pronounced periods of anxiety.

After weighing the pros and cons, I decided the Diazepam would be far more effective in my situation for a long-term solution. I have been suffering from panic attacks since I was 18 years old which is almost half of my life ago.

I sought out medication and tried nearly 30 types among various families with little success. The reason was to discover which type worked most effectively on my anxiety. It was hell. Finally I found success with clonazepam and diazepam. What I discovered was that the most effective of these two medicines had less to do with its own innate qualities and more to do with my own metabolism.

It turned out that diazepam worked the most effectively because it stayed in my system longer. Nothing has come along in the last 18 years that rivals the efficiency of diazepam for me. And I think this is most true because I have not had to increase the milligrams over such a long period of time to render the same effect.

I believe that in the last 5 to 10 years we have entered a more conservative era toward medication. When the patient appears the least important among the system I call it conservative. I'm not using the word conservative in a political sense, but rather a business sense. The scenario is as follows: doctors are pressured not to prescribe habit-forming medications to patients despite the fact they'll more effectively treat conditions, Health insurance companies are pleased that they have less risk, and pharmacists don't worry they will be audited.

But if insurance companies refer to their clients as a "community", who is representing their best interests?

diclazepam bluelight

I don't know about Valium but my personal preference is Xanax for a full fledged panic attack. Works immediately and doesn't stay around long. And climaxepam for general anxiety disorder for long term use to keep the panic and anxiety away.Germany Restrictions Click Here.

Bloggers - Video Reviewers - Forum Reviewers wanted. Buy Clonazolam 0. Standard delivery or tracked and tracked and insured available at check out. Every year, we see the introduction of new designer drugs, this year was no different we saw the development of some great, and some not so great drugs. Most of these were a derivative of benzodiazepines.

Speaking of which, we are giving you a brief introduction of clonazolam, a new derivative that has a lot of potentials.

diclazepam bluelight

Just make sure you catch every important detail here. This is also known as clonitrazolam. This is a medium duration psychoactive drug. It hails from the family of Benzodiazepines. This drug is known for producing effects like anxiolytic, hypnotic, muscle relaxant, depressant and even some sort of amnesia effects. If this is compared with other mentioned drugs, this acts fast and the effects are felt within 20 minutes.

This is a highly potent drug that has strong sedative effects even if it is taken in small doses of 0. The fact is, most benzodiazepines are somewhat harmful if they are used for a long time. The possible clonazolam effects are seizures and even sudden death.

Clonazolam 0.5mg Pellets

The medical professionals recommend this drug to be tapered off gradually before it stops. The problem is, if a person quits taking this drug, they suffer from extreme withdrawal effects. Take a deep breath, this is going to be a long haul. The physical consequences of this drug are not different from the typical. The results are sedation that may lead to lethargy.

It is reported that users suffer from sleep deprivation and may feel like passing out. This stops them from taking part in their daily life activities. This may make them fall unconscious. The other effects are respiratory depression, dizziness, seizure control, spasm control, etc. The effects can take their toll if precaution is not taken. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be careful when dealing with this drug. The long-term use of this drug can be epileptics, aggression, violent behavior, and even suicidal thoughts.

The effects are mainly observed among the recreational users and people who have mental instability. Considering all that has been said, it is vital to say that clonazolam should never be taken in high doses.With 1,s of happy customers you can be sure of satisfaction when you shop with us. There are significant differences between them in terms of time of onset, half-life and side-effects and Etizolam scores well in each of those categories.

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Dear Customers and BuyEtizolam Friends, Covid19 Tracking and Shipping Update March 30, BuyEtizolam is still open and shipping daily from our Singapore Pharmacy, but tracking numbers are not becoming active in the normal time frame. All shipping from India was suspended by their Government on March 20, which is why we switched to shipping from our Singapore Pharmacy.

Flights for packages to the USA from Singapore are very limited now and for the foreseeable future. We send tracking to you at the end of our shipping day in Singapore which means we have paid for the product, the packaging and shipping and your package has gone to the airport.

All packages are being sanitized before Customs inspection in Singapore. If you have paid for an order, you will get your package, just the tracking updates are much slower.The drug is analogue of diazepam, being blanketed within the larger circle of relatives of benzodiazepine magnificence of medicine.

Diclazepam became first synthesized inside the yr at Hoffman-la Roche with the aid of Leo Sternbach and his team. Diclazepam is having amnestic, depressant, muscle relaxant, sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant and anxiolytic houses in animal models. It is acknowledged in the medical community that the unexpected discontinuation of benzdiazepines can be existence-threatening or as minimum pose dangers for individuals who used them frequently over a long period of time.

Among the terrible results of sudden withdrawal are blanketed the danger of seizures or even dying. Being chemically similar in structure to chlorodiazepam, diclazepam is s a advantageous allosteric modulator of the benzodiazepine receptor. This belonging makes it capable of act in as an anxiolytic and muscle relaxant, as proved by means of in vitro studies outdoor residing organism. These outcomes might be useful in your recuperation phase, after your extensive education periods.

As all athletes and bodybuilders recognise so properly, some of the supplements they use for performance enhancing can also cause aspect results of insomnia, excessive blood stress, tension and tachycardia.

Diclazepam could prove a wonderful product that helps to keep away from some of these ugly signs. It may in particular be a useful whilst trying to go to sleep after extreme schooling classes.

Then heat it as much as assist it dissolve. Remember the fact that Diclazepam is nearly as mighty as Etizolam i. One must be cautious with this drug, due to the fact that benzodiazepines like Diclazepam and Diazepam can set off strokes, seizures or even loss of life if the consumer abruptly discontinues taking them.

The principle physical impact of chlorodiazepam is as a sedative that can set off customers to feel extremely tired and sleep-disadvantaged, like they have not slept for more than one day on end. It appears to be directly linked with the energy of the dosage, so one ought to probably knock themselves subconscious through a high sufficient dose of Diclazepam. Different bodily effects include a relative loss over motor control depending on dosage, muscle rest and potential dizziness.

Taking Diclazepam usually effects within the consumer turning into lazy and absolutely fed up to take part in activities. If I take it before bed, will I wake up lethargic? How long should I wait before redosing this substance in the short-term?

Backdoor Pharmacist Takes a Spin with Three New Benzos

Should noticeable effects be reached at least within 3 hours? It also has a VERY long half life. How many times can I use the same oral syringe? If I can use it more than once, should I just do a quick rinse and clean with water? Yeah do a quick rinse in the sink nothing crazy. Phenazepam and etizolam had been the primary uncontrolled benzodiazepines to be had on the market within the uk. Pyrazolam, flubromazepam and diclazepam are not used medicinally anywhere in the international; they are produced exclusively for the uncontrolled, leisure marketplace.

Their pass-reactivity changed into accessed via evaluating the absorbance of the drug with that of oxazepam, the reference wellknown. Depending on wherein you stay, Diclazepam is ordinarily felony and unscheduled. Take into account that laws change and any substances can be delivered to the listing of legally regulated materials. Due to a lack of proper verbal exchange channels that maximum governments unfortunately do not have in region, we discover it difficult to provide you with a comprehensive list of nations where Diclazepam is regulated.

Because of the reality that this drug is extraordinarily strong and doses are very small it offers a issue to correctly manage dosage. If in tablet form, following the instructions you can discover the dosage and both break up or take them as given depending on efficiency.

National Library of Medicine, Mar. Ingredients : Diclazepam. Ingredients: Diclazepam. Team Suppreviewers December 12, No Comments. Use in Supplements Being chemically similar in structure to chlorodiazepam, diclazepam is s a advantageous allosteric modulator of the benzodiazepine receptor. Where To Buy Diclazepam online Potential Side Effects of Diclazepam One must be cautious with this drug, due to the fact that benzodiazepines like Diclazepam and Diazepam can set off strokes, seizures or even loss of life if the consumer abruptly discontinues taking them.

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