Hotbird 13e lyngsat map

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Complete installation of Sat Dish mainly for Hotbird!! Thread starter ali Start date Jan 27, Hi, I'm totally new to this; thinking of installing satellite system to get Hotbird mostly for Arabic channels. Looking for advice with regards to acquiring a fairly good system also want a 2nd receiver in bedroom is it poss? Ideally want to be able to get most channels without having to pay extra if you know what I mean!!

Is this a good buy for what I need? I live in Coventry West Midlands. Obviously no mention of getting channels which are encrypted. As I say I'm after quite a good quality picture with extra channels at no extra charge; also I would like to get Sky or Astra using the same dish. Is that poss? Also is it necessary to have a HD receiver? Thanks for all the help. Footprint for 13E here Hot Bird 7A at Examples here Twin LNBs.

Big Discounts. Low prices. Sky LNBs. A lot of Arabian channels such as ART are encrypted and a subscription is required. Last edited: Jan 27, If you want sky as well on the same dish you need to get Astra2 You will not get hotbird and astra1 as well as astra2 you would need a motorised dish.

Last edited: Jan 28, Another thing to think about, is that a lot of arabic channels have moved to 9e as well, so if you were to want this sat as well, you would need a small lnb for this channel If its poss to get 28e,13e,19e on one dish then what would be the required dish size and any particular receiver or is the box for sky a separate issue?.

It can't be necessary, but even with 28E included without a Cam and Sky card there are scarcely enough HD channels to make it worthwhile. Have no equipment at all at the moment. Thinking of starting with Technomate Possibly tm to follow for upstairs.Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums.

Sign In Register. Digital Spy Survey — So much is changing, including entertainment, so tell us how our content can help by clicking here. Sign up to Digital Spy's newsletter to get the biggest news and features sent straight to your inbox. I live on the Hungarian border with Austria and am wondering if my old Sky minidish can pick digital stations - any help appreciated!

Analoguesat Posts: 19, Forum Member. A minidish may be a little small, although you are smack in the middle of the footprints for all the Hotties. Buy yourself a 60cm dish and it will be plenty big enough - an 80cm will give plenty of signal for the worst that the weather can throw at you. If you have your dish with you, try it and see what happens.

Hi jno Go to Lyngsat, click on Europe, click on 13East then click on the beam in the listing. You will get a picture of the coverage from that beam. You can then see the expected power received for your location. Here is a little table of received power dBw for size of dish, kindly posted some time ago by the gentleman in the previous post Power dBw Dish size cm 51dbW Yes, I have the dish with me here Latitude: I already have a 60cm dish on the wall poiting at 28 degrees for Sky - if the minidish doesn't work, and I wanted to buy a "single dish" with two LNBs on it - one pointing at Astra 28 and one at Hotbird 13 - what are the suggestions for this?

One single dish - two LNBs - what's the best option? The 60cm is a bit small for the dual focus.

Now you have 2 dishes, the easiest thing to do is just shove the minidish up and use that for 13E, and see how you get on. I certainly havent seen anyone reporting success with it. F1 Mike Posts: 5, Forum Member. Farmer Giles Posts: 1, Forum Member. Wouldn't the total cost of three LNB's suitable LNB's holder and Diseqc switch approach the cost of a motor, which if you can install give even more flexibitity?

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Complete installation of Sat Dish mainly for Hotbird!!

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hotbird 13e lyngsat map

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hotbird 13e lyngsat map

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hotbird 13e lyngsat map

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(New 2019) Eutelsat Hotbird 13.0E Satellite Map - Nilesat

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(New 2019) Eutelsat Hotbird 13.0E Satellite Map - Nilesat

Al Hiwar TV. Brazzers TV Europe. EWTN Europe. CNBC Europe. Persian BMS. WRN Russkij. WRN English Europe. Radio Jahani. Sawt Al Alam. News at LyngSat Stream :. News at LyngSat :.Hot Bird 13E Occasional Feeds, data or inactive frequency Mohabat TV U. RTL High Definition. Displays a screenshot. LIVE video broadcasts. CNL Russia. Fashion One. TBN Russia. Thai TV Global Network. The Word Network. Kino Polska Muzyka. Discovery Historia Polska. Hot Bird 13E. Al Maghribia. Al Aoula Laayoune.

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